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oc fair is ON [Jul. 14th, 2004|11:31 pm]
i went to OC fair yesterday!!! it was fun but short lasting. lasting for a short time. uh yeah, lets seee who was there.... alissa, jenna, tawny, sean, cherish, bryan, jaime, alison, and liz. and we saw other people and well... their not important. i think we went on a good number of rides and got our moneys worth. oh we saw ryan aka jenna's lover BUT she denies it....anyways, we got a free CINNABUN!!! yum. and i had class the next day, so i had to study my vocab. yeah im a nerd. after going on that kamakazie ride, i felt qweezy. maybe im just totally spelling it wrong lol. but twice in a row is hardcore for me...i know im lame

im excited for tu's partAY. YAY! i love you tu! thow si dan kae YOOOOOOOOOOOOO

and i joined myspace. reina said its cool nergro. racist. just kidding or not

<<3 carolineeeeeeeee